Sponsorship Information

Sponsorship Information

PVSEC-35 Sponsorship




(web site)

Logo (Bags) 

(Name tags)





Diamond Sponsor

1,000,000 JPY
Early-bird: 800,000 JPY




Platinum Sponsor

600,000 JPY
Early-bird: 500,000 JPY







Gold Sponsor

240,000 JPY
Early-bird: 200,000 JPY


 - - - 1p 2

Silver Sponsor

120,000 JPY
Early-bird: 100,000 JPY


 - - - -

※ Early bird discount: Applications by March 31, 2024 (including provisional applications)   
Standard: Applications after April 1, 2024
※ You may register up to the specified number of participants for in-person. Only registered attendees are allowed to attend the conference.

Diamond Sponsors (~2 companies)

As the main sponsor of the conference, your company will be widely known to attendees through the extra-large logo on the website, a two-page advertisement, logo on the conference bags and name tags, and a commercial video before the plenary sessions. Since 6 registrations in person are also included, this category can be used as a group registration.

Platinum Sponsors (~3 companies)

This category is an associate main sponsorship position for the conference. In addition to a large logo on the website, this includes logo on the conference bags and a full-page advertisement. 3 registrations in-person are also included, and this category can be used as a group participation application.

Gold Sponsors

This includes a full-page advertisement in addition to a medium-sized logo on the website. 2 registrations in-person are also included.

Silver Sponsors

This is a cost-effective category that includes a small logo on the website and 1 registration in-person.


Sponsor logos will be posted on the conference web page. The size in the sponsor page will be as follows.
Diamond: Extra large (600 pixels wide, 240 pixels high)
Platinum: Large (400 pixels wide, 160 pixels high)
Gold: Medium (300 pixels wide, 120 pixels high)
Silver: Small (200 pixels wide, 80 pixels high)
※The logos of Diamond and Platinum sponsors will also be posted in a size of 200 pixels wide by 80 pixels wide on the side menu in all the pages of the conference website.

Logo on conference bags (Diamond sponsorPlatinum sponsor)

The Diamond Sponsor's and Platinum Sponsor’s logos will be placed on the conference bags distributed to all in-person participants.

Logo on name tags (Diamond sponsor)

The Diamond Sponsor's logo will be placed on the name tags distributed to all in-person participants.

Commercial Video (Diamond Sponsor)

During the break time of the plenary session, a 3-minute video will be shown for audiences.



An advertisement can be placed in the program booklet; two facing pages for Diamond sponsors and one page for Platinum and Gold sponsors.

Free attendees

A specified number of participants can attend the conference in-person for free.

Online Booth

All the sponsors can set up an online booth using the system provided by Confit to post your company information and videos. By setting the link to online conference system, you can communicate interactively with participants.  


The following options are also available. You can also apply for the options only.
Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsors can apply at discounted prices.


General Price

Sponsor Discount Price

In-person exhibition booth

150,000 JPY
Early-bird: 130,000 JPY

100,000 JPY
Early-bird: 80,000 JPY

Neck strap 

60,000 JPY(Early-bird: 50,000 JPY)

+ delivery of actual products

48,000 JPY (Early-bird: 40,000 JPY)

+ delivery of actual products

Commercial video in the general oral session

60,000 JPY
Early-bird: 50,000 JPY

48,000 JPY
Early-bird: 40,000 JPY

※Early bird discount: Applications  by March 31, 2024 (including provisional applications)
Standard: Applications after April 1, 2024

In-person exhibition booth

Exhibition period: Nov. 12th-14th (3 days)
The number of booths: Limited to the first 20 companies
Exhibition site: Exhibition Hall, 1st floor, Plaza Verde
Considering the flow of people to the exhibition booth, we will set up the exhibition booth next to the poster presentation venue.
1 booth: approx. 1800 mm x 1000 mm
Benefit: 1 in-person participation
Power supply (AC100 V/0.5 kW, 2 outlets).
Please let us know if you need a larger capacity power supply.
If you wish to exhibit more than the above size, please apply for two or more booths.
The exhibition period, set-up date, and removal date will be announced later.

Neck strap

Please prepare neck straps (any number, up to 1,000) with your company name on them.
They will be distributed near the registration desk for in-person participants.

Commercial Video in general oral session

A 3-minute commercial video will be shown at the beginning of the parallel general oral sessions for in-person audiences.


PVSEC-35 Public Relations Committee Chair
Yasuyoshi Kurokawa (Nagoya university, Japan)


Abstract Submission Deadline:
May 31 (Fri), 2024

Abstract Submission Deadline:
May 31 (Fri), 2024

Abstract  Acceptance Notice:
August 29 (Thu), 2024

Abstract  Acceptance Notice:
August 29 (Thu), 2024

Early-bird Registration Deadline:
September 30 (Mon), 2024

Early-bird Registration Deadline:
September 30 (Mon), 2024

Diamond sponsors

Platinum sponsors