Invited speakers

Invited speakers

Area 1: PV in Sustainable Energy System

Area 2: System Engineering and Field Performance

Area 3: Wafer-based Silicon Photovoltaics

Area 4: Thin-film Photovoltaics and Modules

Area 5: Perovskite and Emerging Photovoltaics

Cross Cutting Areas

Area 1

PV in Sustainable Energy System

Sub area 1-1

Policy, Market, Finance, and Deployment



Sub area 1-2

Grid Integration and Energy Management



Sub area 1-3

Green Energy Carriers and Storage



Dr. Junichi Sato (Toshiba Energy Systems & Solutions, Japan)

Area 2

System Engineering and Field Performance

Sub area 2-1

Integrated PV and Advanced Applications of Photovoltaics



Sub area 2-2

Field Performance of Photovoltaic Systems


Recent advances with daylight photoluminescence imaging in solar farms

Prof. Thorsten Trupke (UNSW, Australia)

Area 3

Wafer-based Silicon Photovoltaics

Sub area 3-1

Materials, Processes, Fundamentals


(Tentative) Gettering in TOPCon cells and its impact

Dr. Anyao Liu (Australian National Univ., Australia)


(Tentative) Revealing the properties of Si passivating contacts using advanced STEM analysis

Dr. Harvey Guthrey (NREL, USA)

Sub area 3-2

Cells and Modules


(Tentative) Degradation of HJT / TOPCon cells on cell/material leve

Prof. Bram Hoex (UNSW, Australia)


(Tentative) Flexible silicon solar cell

Prof. Wenzhu Liu (SIMIT, China)


(Tentative) TiO2/passivating contact

Dr. Takuya Matsui (AIST, Japan)


(Tentative) Crystalline silicon solar cells research in Korea

Dr. Hee-eun Song (KIER, Korea)


(Tentative) Photovoltatronics, Concept of Recycling PV, Concept of PV without plastic

Prof. Olindo Isabella (Delft Univ. Tech., The Netherlands)

Area 4

Thin-film Photovoltaics and Modules

Sub area 4-1

Organic and Inorganic Photovoltaics


(Tentative) Sustainability evaluations and design considerations for terawatt scale manufacturing of future silicon‐based tandem technology

Dr. Li Wang (UNSW, Australia)

Sub area 4-2

Compound Thin-film Photovoltaics



Sub area 4-3

III-V High-efficiency Devices



Area 5

Perovskite and Emerging Photovoltaics

Sub area 5-1

Perovskite Photovoltaics



Prof. Jangwon Seo (KAIST, Korea)


(Tentative) Tin based perovskite solar cells -Efficiency and Stability-

Prof. Shuzi Hayase (Univ. Electro-Communications, Japan)

Sub area 5-2

Emerging Materials and New Concepts



Prof. Wanli Ma (Soochow Univ., China)



Prof. Tze Chien Sum (Nanyang Technological Univ., Singapore)

CC Areas

Cross Cutting Areas

Sub area CC-1

Perovskite Tandems


All-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells

Prof. Dewei Zhao (Sichuan Univ., China)


(Tentative) Unlocking the efficiency potential of perovskite solar cells: from single-junction to tandem

Prof. Yi Hou (National Univ. Singapore, Singapore)

Sub area CC-2

Artificial Intelligence in PV Development



Dr. Matthias Demant (Fraunhofer ISE, Germany)



Dr. Jun Sasaki (Japan Weather Association, Japan)

Sub area CC-3

Solar to X; Sciences, Materials and Devices




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Abstract Submission Deadline:
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